Ramgarh Frescoes - A Heritage Hotel around Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, India

Last winters we visited Churu town in Rajasthan and also got a chance to have a day tour to streets of Ramgarh. During the same street walk, we encountered 'Ramgarh Frescho' which is Heritage Hotel, which used to be a haveli few decades back. This Photo Journey shares some photographs of Ramgarh Fresco along with some facts & details. Above photograph shows the view you see on entering into the compound of this haveli. Ramgarh is a big town with plenty of narrow streets with colorfulhavelis and ruins. We suddenly noticed a very well maintained haveli and then got to know that it's Ramgarh Fresco, which is quite popular hotel in the town.Ramgarh is not a very popular destination among Indian Tourists, but foreigners like this place a lot because of colorful paintings in every  street of the town. Most of the havelis still have old paintings on the walls. Above photograph shows open lobby area on first floor. Most of the rooms, restaurant, lobby, library & loge - most of them are located on first floor of this Haveli. Every room is different from other and main architecture is haveli is maintained intact. Colors of old paintings are maintained well and few of the colors are touched to ensure that walls/roofs don't look bad. At the same time, we can say that original colors in this haveli are tempered.  Vibha, Reena and Priyanka exploring the haveli cum Heritage Hotel in Ramgarh town of Rajasthan State. We saw two of the rooms of this Haveli and both of those had nice & spacious jharokhas. Furniture places in these rooms go well with the decor. Many of the small elements were preserved from the past and new things were also places accordingly.Here is one of the rooms in Ramgarh Fresco. During that time, there was hardly any guest at the property. I was wondering that who comes to this property because it's location is very odd. It's in middle of street-maze and in town like Ramgarh, where seasonal tourists come. When talked to the owner, he seemed quite confident and it seems doing pretty good business. And at the same time he accepted that things in the town are not tourist friendly.  Ramgarh in itself was an interesting exploration for us and finding Ramgarh Fresco made it special for us. This place is definitely away from the madness of cities. Across the courtyard, there is a reading lounge with nice furniture and few books. We also checked out restaurant which looked average w.r.t. ambiance. We didn't eat anything at the restaurant as we had to rush now for special lunch at Sethani ka Johra, which is near to Churu town.Soon after we thought of going up to the roof and look at the town. The roof-top exposed us to huge view of Ramgarh town.  Ramgarh Fresco is surrounded by beautifully maintained, stunning frescoes, and most of these are ~100 years old original ones. And all this makes the place all the more special. This haveli has not much open space but has plenty of space onroof top, which have great view of the town.It's good to see such properties in the country which encourage others to preserve out heritage.The property has 14 rooms with 8 functional rooms operational. Folks who have kids shared a very important thought that Haveli might not be very kidfriendly. Almost at every place, there were stairs - either going up or down. The haveli tastefully maintains a Marwari feel. Above photograph shows the painted courtyard on first floor and this photograph is clicked from the roof-top. It was good to know about this property and hope that we plan to stay there once to have more realistic details to share with you. Ramgarh Fresco, we may visit you soon...

Last winters we visited Churu town in Rajasthan and also got a chance to have a day tour to streets of Ramgarh. During the same street walk, we encountered 'Ramgarh Frescho' which is Heritage Hotel, which used to be a haveli few decades back. This Photo Journey shares some photographs of Ramgarh Fresco along with some facts & details. 

Things to do in Delhi || Discover the enigmatic city of Delhi (India)

If we look back, we haven't shared much about the main Indian cities from exploration point of view. Recently, one of our viewers suggested to share good guides on cities which may include interesting places, food, experiences, cultural activities, fairs/festivals, shopping etc. This sounded quite interesting to us and here is an attempt to compile 'Things to do in Delhi City'. This post will contain varied options and choices may vary from one explorer to other. If we feel like, we would mention some of the things as 'must do' with appropriate reasoning. Let's check out what all we have in Delhi to do. 

Millions of Migratory Birds in Pong Wetland, Himachal Pradesh (India)

It's been a long that we visited Pong Dam during winters to meet migratory birds and shared few Photo Journey sharing some facts about different species found in this wetland. With time, we realized that all those photo journeys were not able to tell about the volume of migratory birds around this wetland. Now we thought of sharing this Photo Journey which gives some glimpses of millions of birds at Pong Dam Lake.

The Heritage we are proud of || Celebrating the World Heritage Day

Dharmshala & Mcleodganj have been very popular Hill Stations in Himlayan State of India (Himachal Pradesh) and it's more popular now because of wonderful Cricket Stadium there. The New Cricket Stadium at Dharmshala is hosting various IPL Cricket Matches apart from regional ckicket and many folks are coming to this beautiful town for sports as well as exploring natural beauty. This Photo Journey talks about various options around Dharmshala for better holidays with Sports !!!If you are planning to go to Dharmshala for IPL Cricket matches, apart from basic planning about travel & hotel you may want to explore some of the beautiful places around Dharmshala. Here are some of the options and you can pick a subset, as per time you haveThe very first photograph shows St. John's Church near Mcleodganj. Mcledoganj is most popular tourist place around Dharmshala with Dalai Lama's Temple and Tibetan colonies. Apart from interesting market of Mcleodganj - Chruch, Bhagsu Nag Waterfalls, Triund Trek etc can be good places to explore. To know more about places around Mcleodganj, check out - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2011/04/dharamshala-heaven-on-earth-beckons-all.htmPalampur is another interesting place, which is not as commercialized as Mcleodganj is. Palampur is rich in terms of natural beauty and also known as Tea Estate of North India. Wonderful landspaces with snow covered hills of Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges and widely spread Tea gardens. There is a famous temple on the way from Dharmshala to Palampur - Chamunda Devi ! Although these photographs don't do justice to the beauty of Palampur, but you can have a brief idea about the place by looking at - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2010/07/catch-some-amazing-views-of-snow-capped.htmFurther on, there is a wonderful drive from Palampur to Baijnath.  On the way there are some wonderful landscapes and whole road is quite good except few small stations. At Baijnath, there is a Shiva Temple made up of huge rocks and has some important stories associated. At Baijnath, Dussera is not celebrated. To know more about this temple, check out - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2009/08/historical-shiva-temple-baijnath.htm If you still have time before back journey, Bir Billing can be next destination in same direction. Bir Billing is the place for people who want to experience Paragliding. The popular site hosts Paragliding World Cup and very popular among adventure lovers. To know more about the place through photographs, check out - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2010/07/travelling-camera-sharing-some-high.htmlOn back journey towards Delhi or Chandigarh, you may plan to go via Masroor, which is small temple with a site of Archeological Survey of India - Monolithic Temples of Masroor. This is a series of temples carved out of a huge hill. A wonderful place to see... To know more about Masroor Monolithic Temples, check out - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2012/02/ellora-of-himachal-pradesh-maintained.htmlGoing further towards Una Railway Station, you will see wonderful views of Pong Dam on the way till Dehra. If interested, you can have a small diversion to go closer to this lake for spending some moments around the place. It's like a beach in North India and very peaceful, unless you encounter migratory birds... Check out more about Pong Dam Lake at - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2012/02/some-sunset-moments-with-wild-wings-of.htmlHere is another place which can be targeted, but may need sufficient time to actually explore it in better way. Check out more about bath Temples at - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2012/04/bathu-temples-dipped-inside-pong-dam.htm
There are many things that we being Indians should be thankful for. The unimaginable languages, the countless cuisines, varied landscapes are just some of them. And very important in this list is our architectural Heritage. It's the most appropriate that we pay respect to this part of our culture today as it is the World Heritage Day. This Photo Journey shares some photographs from various Indian Heritage Destinations and importance of World Heritage day, along with some interesting facts.

During one of my recent visits to Shimla, schedule was really busy and I also wanted to visit Viceregal Lodge. Usually I go to Viceregal Lodge via HPU route or walk down from Mall Road. This time the route changed and first time I climbed from Boileuganj...Here is first view we get after climbing a hill from boileuganj.I have stayed in Shimla for 3 years approximately but never went through this route, although it's quite easy and quick one to reach Viceregal Lodge. Buses for Boileuganj are very easily available from bus stand and Himachal Pradesh University. And then it's a 15 minutes climb which is not very steep.It starts from the chowk where roads from Tutoo, Summerhill, Bus-Stand and University meet. And lagoors will be there to welcome you. It's not very special because they can be found anywhere in Shimla to welcome you :)During the climb, HPTDC (Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corp.) Hotel 'Peter Hoff' can be seen just below the TV tower of Shimla. Peter Hoff is one of the good hotels in Shimla and it's situated next to Viceregal Lodge. Exactly it's in the middle of Chaura Maidaan and Viceregal Lodge. Via bus, it's accessible from 103. 103 is a bus stop near tunnel-no 103 and very popular stop in Shimla.New Bus Stand of Shimla is also visible during the climb. This is first time I saw this bus stand and it was amazing. I wanted to compare it with IGI airport but stopped myself :) ... But for sure, it's best among all the bus stands we have in North India at least. it's situated near Dhali. Old bus stand has been converted into Local bus stand and there are regular shuttles between new and old bus-stands. While coming back to Delhi, I did some mobilegiri at Shimla Bus stand and will share soon...Himachal Pradesh Judicial Academy also comes on the way from Boileuganj to Viceregal Lodge.It's a wonderful walk from Boileuganj to Viceregal Lodge as whole stretch is full of trees and nice flowers around. At times it feels like you are crossing through some garden. There are some governments residences as well, which makes this hill more lively.Apart from some institutes and houses, there are some buildings which seemed to be locked for last many years. But somehow, colors lie about these buildings. The building above shown was closed from all the directions and there seemed to be a long silence around the place.After a quick climb, we reached Viceregal Lodge. It was so quick that I forgot to mention that one of my cousin was accompanying me and we also discussed some changes happening in his institute in HPU (UIIT). Overall this was a fastest route to Viceregal Lode but probably I will still prefer the longer route which comes through Vidhan-Sabha, Cecil etc.

Understanding Color Management and It's relevance in Adobe Photoshop Elements || PART-1

Most Common Problem in Photography is - 'You see is not what you get'. Photographs look different on Screen and final Print. Many folks try to find a simple solution, which is not practical unless you exactly understand this business of Color Managements. So to begin, here are two basic things you need to do -

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