Let us embrace, let us accept, let us truly be one

At times when I think about it the evolution of a human being works in oscillations. We are always struggling to find our identity and at any given point in time, we are either travelling away from or towards ourself. Do we ever actually find ourselves or do we always just swing past that point and head in the opposite direction instead? There are several aspects we associate with identity - our names, our culture, our city, our country, our religion, our profession, and many other social groupings. I was thinking of all this when I chanced upon the following Lufthansa TVC:

Conjuring a Story - A Flash Fiction Writing Workshop in Delhi by LIterature Studio || #CreativeWritinginIndia

At 9:15am on 18th Oct, I found myself at Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas Village for 'Conjuring a Story' - A Flash Fiction Writing Workshop to be conducted by Literature Studio. I prefer waking up late on Saturday Mornings because all other days of the week are pretty much spent running around, attending conference calls or resolving out-of-the-blue SOS issues. And reaching Hauz Khas Village at 10 am meant that I had to get up at 7am. But I didn't mind, because these creative writing workshops help me relax too.

International Pushkar Camel Fair 2014 is going to be different like every year || Rajasthan, India

Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the most popular fairs(Melas) of Rajasthan state in India. Lot of folks from different parts of the globe come to Pushkar to experience a very different kind of festival where different kinds of trades happen, along with various cultural activities. This festival has been quite popular amongst the Photography community. Lot of Photography enthusiasts move towards Pushkar during this festival. This Photo Journey shares 6 years old photographs from Pushkar Camel Fair and some details about 2014 Fair. Photo Journey team is also geared up for experiencing the fair again this year. 

Diwali celebrations have changed over the years and I am enjoying it more with my family now

Diwali Celebrations 2013 at Rohini, Delhi - Celebrations, Festival of Lights, Lights, Lamps, Crackers, Sound, Music, Sweets

Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festivals and as a kid, I always used to wait for it. There were multiple reasons for the wait - crackers, sweets, new clothes, opportunity to meet all the cousins, have special food cooked by our grandmother. Amongst all, buying & bursting crackers was definitely the best activity during Diwali week. We used to play with crackers for weeks before and after Diwali, till the stock lasted. 

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