BaggoutAll of us look at the world with a different vision and we have different interpretations of it. Sometimes some experiences, places, thoughts, and sights are so difficult to describe in words that you wish you could replay them to the world. You are welcome to this beautiful canvas known as Photo Journey painted to discover the world from different point of view and feel free to share yours. And very soon you would realize that it is a beautiful world!

VJ Sharma started PHOTO JOURNEY in 2008 and got this inspiration from Ghumakkar.com . Initially it started with idea of publishing Photo essays with minimal description and gradually lot of things changed as per suggestions/inputs & feedback from your subscribers, followers & well wishers. 

In case you are interested in contributing any of your PHOTO JOURNEY, please feel free to write to VJ@travellingcamera.com . Contact details are same for any of your Photography related needs. 

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