Document size increases on changing from Higher PPI to Lower PPI !

First of all, Let's understand what PPI is ?

PPI stands for Pixel per Inch and at times, DPI is also used in different context. DPI stands for Dots per inch.

Which effectively means when we say 300 PPI, we have a photograph which has 300 pixels in each inch and 100PPI means 100 pixel in every inch of a photograph.

Now let's take an example of Nikon D700 Camera, which produces an image of 4256*2832. So if we set 300PPI, we will get a photograph which will have following dimensions -

Height - 2832/300 = 9.44 inches
Width - 4256/300 = 14.18 inches

And if we set the same image at 100PPI we will get following dimensions -

Height - 2832/100 = 28.32 inches
Width - 4256/100 = 42.56 inches

Which means increasing PPI means, decreasing size of photographs and many folks think it otherwise !!!

Please comment back in case you have more queries about it.


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